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Sammy Brue and Pearl Charles

Sammy Brue, Pearl Charles

$12.00 +fee & tax
21 & up

Regal Room

2712 Main St

Dallas, TX 75226

Sammy Brue and Pearl Charles

Sammy Brue and Pearl Charles at Regal Room

Sammy Brue "Stories are all around us, and I’m listening to people even when they think I'm not," states Sammy Brue.  "If I get to the emotion of it, I can find the words.”  

Realism and storytelling are qualities that are prominent on I Am Nice, the 17-year-old Utah singer-songwriter's New West debut.  The 12-song album—produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes and John Paul White of the Civil Wars—shows the young troubadour to be a timeless talent whose catchy compositions embody the sort of wisdom, empathy and insight that's usually associated with more experienced songwriters. 

On such distinctive originals as "I Know," "Was I the Only One," "I Never Said" and "Control Freak," Brue demonstrates a rare knack for placing himself in the shoes of others, real or fictionalized, and writing melodically inventive, emotionally resonant stories about them.  No wonder he's been hailed as an "Americana prodigy" by Rolling Stone and as a "wunderkind" by American Songwriter, as well as receiving early attention from The Wall Street Journal and The Fader, and from his local ABC TV station.

Pearl Charles 

"Think of Pearl Charles as a stoner Lana Del Rey or a Jenny Lewis with grit." - NME

Pearl  Charles  lives  in  the  moment,  seeking  excitement  whether  it  leads  her  down  a  dark,  dusty  road  or  into  the  arms  of  a  trouble-making  lover.  Her  full length  debut  album,  Sleepless  Dreamer,  describes  late  night  revelry,  love  affairs,  running  away  and  running  towards,  serenading  the  sunrise  through  whirlwind  stories  of  her  native Los  Angeles,  the  city,  the  canyon,  the  desert,  and  the  road.  On  a  quest  to  discover  the  truest  version  of  herself, Charles  embraces  the  feeling  of  not  being  settled,  a  person  who  always  restlessly  wants  more  from  life  and  is  willing  chase  it,  wherever  it  may  lead  her.

Sleepless  Dreamer  finds  her  soulful,  often  sultry  voice  gliding  through  songs  tinged  with  cosmic  Americana,  a  little  disco,  some  classic  rock  &  roll,  and  a  whole  lot of  that  smooth  AM  gold.  Passion,  psychedelics  and  heartbreak  inform  the  highs  and  lows  she  rides  through  the  album.  Finally  able  to  see  clearly  through  the smoke  and  mirrors  of  her  surroundings,  Charles  departs  on  a  consequent  journey  of  questioning  and  soul- searching,  eventually  hitting  the  road  in  the  inevitable  search  for  answers.